Pralinarium. Second Edition

A handbook on Praline Design based on the online course by Andrey Dubovik


Published: August 2019
412 pages, 20.7×28.8×2.6 cm
1530 photos inside
Full color printing
Hard cover
Limited Edition of 633 copies
ISBN 978-8-3954578-0-7



Q: Is it the same book as the first one?
A: Yes. The minor changes are described above, but it’s the same book.
Q: Is the book content the same as in the online course Pralinarium?
A: Yes, it is.
Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide. Check out shipping rates here.
Q: Can I pre-order the book?
A: No. There are no pre-orders. First come, first served.
Q: Is the book availbable in another language?
A: No, the book is available in English only.



Chef: Andrey Dubovik
Sous-chef: Ronya Belova
Step-by-step photography: Lililoveme
Photography: Andrey Dubovik
Backstage photography: Michael Goncharov
Layout, book design, cover: Dmitry Buko
Layout mockup: Valery Belozyorov
Translation: Yuliya Dziarbeyeva


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After you have unpacked the book, please pay attention to the following:

1. You can smell the printing ink and paper. It is totally ok, because the book has recently been printed. 

2. Some pages of the book may seem stuck together. Especially, it refers to the first block of the book (on designs). The second block of the book (on fillings) is printed on matte paper, and such pages are not normally stuck together. It is connected with the fact that you have just opened a newly printed book. Just be careful when looking through it for the first time. After you have looked through the book a couple of times, the pages won’t stuck together.

3. The edges of the book are coloured with the black ink. Since th book is wrapped in film, the ink isn’t exposed to air, so after you have torn open the packaging, the ink can leave stains on your hands. It is normal. But be careful. Don’t touch the book with wet hands. After a while, the ink will completely dry and won’t leave any stains. 

4. It also refers to the inside spread of the second block of the book (on fillings) printed on matte paper.  Don’t rub the book with your hands for the first little while, and don’t touch it with wet hands. 

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